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DMC Software

Destination Management Company Software which provides a customised solution to its DMC clients. A DMC can manage their B2B travel business using our DMC Software by providing a package of custom features to its associated tour operators, travel agencies and other clients.
Based on the latest technology, we help you with its analysis, design & development to distribution networks and on-going support. Technology solution integrators offer rich information and insights on the travel industry through it’s highly innovative and technologically advanced tailor-made solution meeting your end to end need.

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Grocery Shopping Software

Our Grocery Shopping Software provides integration of basic and exclusive features to its users. It is amazingly user friendly and interactive which enhances the user engagement in the best possible way. We have continuously been incorporating various other innovative modules to our product based on the latest trends in the market.

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Parking Software

We offers a white labelled-business ready solution to launch your parking marketplace.With the use of parking software, parking stalls can be linked to individuals to help to control the inventory of available parking spaces. Through Parking Software your customers have full self-managed functionality with cloud-based parking system as an online portal for online registration, to access and purchase, and pay for pre-booked parking. With such an online model you will save time and make better use of your resources. Simple and easy to use application, perfect for daily commute into work. If you have a spot that’s lying lazy, make it work for you.

By Using Parking Software you can easily manage multiple parking slots across different locations, keep track of the crucial data of your users using the parking lot etc in one software suite.

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CRS Systems

CRS is cloud base technology system to connect a property to the GDS (Global Distribution System). All modules in a single system, which also includes the online BE (Booking Engine) integrated with our Website and call centre.Our Develop System enables Hotels/Resorts to log guest service requests and serve guests better by responding to their requests and complaints on time.

Our System is being designed and developed based on artificial intelligence using big data to keep track of food inventory and room inventory like towels, linen, pillows etc.. It will track each inventory consumption and usage with the time and number of bookings.

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